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Sports Teams

View our creations using sports team fabrics. We make these items ourselves; they are not official team items. Choose a team and tell us what you'd like us to make for you. Many items are ready to ship.

SF 49ers, San Jose Sharks, & Oakland Raiders
Hipsters measure apprroximately 8" X 8", straps 49" - 50", from $33

Great gifts! Fabrics in stock for San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, & Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Vegas Knights and Purdue University! We can order fabric for other teams.
This page: hipsters, roll-up shopping totes, tissue holders, eye glasses holders, cell phone holders, water/wine bottle carriers, & holiday wreaths. 

San Francisco Giants AT&T Park
41,553 people attended the May 31, 2015 Giants game against the Atlanta Braves.Giants lost 5 to 7.

Colorful Cotton Fabric Team Wreaths. Order round or heart shaped.


San Francisco Giants Fabric Wreath $30
Size: 14" in diameter. Made of 100% cotton licensed team & solid fabrics.

Raiders Heart Wreath $30
The San Francisco 49ers aren't the only Bay Area football team to love!

PocketTissue Holders measure 3" X 5", $6/ each
Custom order your favorite sports team.

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Always have a shopping bag at hand with multi-purpose Roll-up Totes
Open size 15 - 17" square; folds to 3 1/2" X 4" & fits in pocket or purse. $20/each. Washable cotton.

Golden State Warriors Roll-up Tote
Fits in purse or glove compartment. Click photos to enlarge.

Fabric Cases for Eyeglasses & Cell Phones
Protective, lined, cotton fabric cases $20

Order Team Fabric Bottle Carriers & Accessories
49ers Bottle Carrier $26 & Cell Phone Holders $20

San Francisco Giants Roll-up Shopping Tote
Fits in purse or glove compartment

San Jose Sharks Roll-up Tote
Fits in purse or glove compartment

San Francisco 49ers Roll0up Tote
Fits in purse or glove compartment

San Francisco 49ers Roll-up Tote
Click photo to go to Purse Accessories page


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